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About Tanya


In the last couple months, I was interviewed for a couple stories.  Yay!  Links to them are below.

Stoffel, B. (March 1st, 2016). Are online schools the future in Wisconsin? WTMJ 620 Morning Show.  Retrieved from: [quoted]

Friedman, J. (December 30th, 2015). 4 ways to use social media as an online student.  U.S. News World and Report.  Retrieved from:

October, 24th, 2014

UW-Milwaukee Receives Grant to Establish National Center for the Study of Distance Education and Technological Advancement

"The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has received a $1.48 million grant to establish a national Center for the Study of Distance Education and Technological Advancement (DETA). The center will work in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin System, UW-Extension, Milwaukee Area Technical College and EDUCAUSE.

Co-directors of the new center are Diane Reddy, professor of Psychology and director of the University’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and Tanya Joosten, director of eLearning Research and Development in Academic Affairs."

August 6, 2013

Sloan Consortium Announces 2013 Class of Sloan-C Fellows PR Web (press release)-Aug 6, 2013, as available on JS Online

"Tanya Joosten, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, for exceptionally creative work in advancing blended and online learning in the K-12 and and higher education environments."

Fun Bio:

Tanya Joosten is -- educator, speaker, author, thought leader, social scientist, futurist, mastermind, beach seeker -- champion of rock/paper/scissors, Tetris, Dance Central, Madden, Spades, and  pool -- introvert, amazing visionary, so essomenic, breath of fresh air, mad skillz, hottest jam, nerd, techy, and according to Dougie, "everybody love me," #iamhiphop, #iamuwm, academic loving learning and living, sarcastic, @tjoosten, and Penelope's mom. Oh, and she has a sense of humor and doesn't take herself or her accomplishments too seriously ;)

Less Fun Bio:

Tanya Joosten is the Director of Digital Learning Research and Development at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) where she works to guide strategic digital learning earning efforts at the campus, state, and national levels, to develop innovative programming for the UWM campus, and to lead a team of researchers to advance the field of digital learning.  She is the co-director of the National Research Center for Distance Education and Technological Advancements supported by the U.S Department of Education.  

Tanya has been recognized by the Sloan-Consortium as a fellow for her work in blended and online learning.  She is a teacher of tech-enhanced, blended, and online courses in the field of communication for over 15 years, including online courses in human communication and technology and organizational communication at UWM, published author in communication technology in teaching and learning, including her recent book, Social Media for Educators, and chapter in, Blended Learning: Research Perspectives, a social scientist researching technology-mediated pedagogy and its impact on student outcomes, and a well-known speaker and consultant across the globe.         

As a practitioner, Tanya Joosten previously led the Learning Technology Center, including efforts in faculty development for online and blended teaching, development of UWM’s blended and online faculty development program, supervised administration of the campus LMS, including faculty training and support, and led campus efforts for certification, recognition, and engagement initiatives for blended and online teaching.  She has worked together with the Provost’s office, schools, colleges, and units to help in the development of over 40 blended and online degree programs at UWM over the last decade. 

Tanya Joosten’s efforts have been highlighted in many national news and media outlets, including the Chronicle of Higher Education, Forbes, Wisconsin State Journal, Ed Tech Magazine, eCampus News, and have led to her involvement in planning for the future of education, including the UWM Campus and Digital Futures Planning, State of Wisconsin Superintendent's Digital Learning Advisory Council, University of Wisconsin System Learn@UW Executive Committee Roadmap Planning, NMC Horizon Project Higher Ed Advisory Board,  EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies Steering Committee, and EDUCAUSE IT Status committee.

Sparkly Bio:

Tanya Joosten, Ph.D., Director of Digital Learning Research and Development and Co-Director of the National Research Center for Distance Education and Technological Advancements  (DETA,, has been nationally recognized in her work in blended and online learning as an Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Fellow in 2013.  She works to guide strategic digital learning efforts, including her current involvement on the University of Wisconsin System Learning Technology Executive Council, the CWiC Executive Committee, the McGraw Hill Research Board, the SXSWedu Advisory Board, and as a New Media Consortium (NMC) Challenge Leader.  Dr. Joosten is a(n) author, speaker, teacher, and technology, social scientist, and researcher with a background in leading faculty development and engagement initiatives, pedagogical and technological innovation projects, core learning technology oversight, and online program development.  Hailing from the field of communication, her book on social media is available from Wiley Publishing, she has authored numerous articles, chapters, and encyclopedia entries on digital learning, and she often writes invited blog posts and magazine articles for organizations, such as EDUCAUSE, WCET, Inside Higher Ed, and Pearson.  Her notable keynotes include eLearning Asia, ITC eLearning Conference, and SACS COC President’s event, and her ideas have been highlighted on closing plenary panels at the UW-Madison Annual Distance Teaching and Learning conference and the OLC International Conference for Online Learning.  You can find her and her work cited in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Forbes, U.S. News World and Report, and more.  Recent interviews with Dr. Joosten are available on ResearchInAction and TOPcast available on iTunes.  For more visit or visit her on

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